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Monika Kabasele & Cyril Galamini quintet

Exploring the Great American Songbook  repertoire along with French and Greek traditional songs from the XXth century, this quintet of talented young musicians shares a fresh and elegant music for concerts and private events.

Monika Kabasele (v)

Cyril Galamini (tb, dir)

Schneor Dasniere-ini (g)

Gabriel Pierre (b)

Théo Moutou (d)

For further information, please visit :

Monika Kabasele & Dexter Goldberg duo

A jazz duo full of improvisation and creativity! 

They interpret jazz standards while playing their original compositions. In the rythms of modern jazz, swing and bossa nova !


Monika Kabasele / Grecofuturisme

This is my most personnal project and combines two musical traditions: the greek one and the congolese one. Contains my original compositions with lyrics on greek, french or tshiluba language, played by the great musicians:


Dexter Goldberg (p)

Hugo Corbin (g)

Cyril Drapé (db)

Ananda Brandao (dr & voc)

Monika Kabasele (voc & compositions) 


Monika Kabasele & Hugo Corbin duo

The two musicians are communicating through free improvisation creating much space and diverses atmospheres or musical environments influenced by folk, pop and rock music!

Hugo Corbin (g)

Monika Kabasele (voc)

Ehbam Quartet

A repertoire is originally composed by Lisa Murcia, Monika Kabasele and Léna Aubert, the three of them singing. From modern jazz to world music, from oral musical tradition to classical virtuosity and improvisation!

Lisa Murcia (v & voc)

Léna Aubert (db & voc)

Wadie Naim (perc)

Monika Kabasele (voc) 

European Jazz Quartet

A group initiated by the pianist Pierre-Antoine Chaffangeon on 2019. The musical influences proposed on this project are those of Michael Brecker, Wayne Shorter or Herbie Hancock, original compositions of the group members too. 

Pierre-Antoine Chaffangeon (p)

Léna Aubert (db)

Jean Baptiste Loutte (dr)

Monika Kabasele (voc)



Elektre is a trio of world beat music exploring rebetiko (greek music) in an urbain electro way! 

Playing with electric musical productions, composing on traditionnal forms and exploring the sound of voices and bouzouki! 

Maîlys Mallet (voc & perc)

Monika Kabasele (voc & g)

Clément Buffière (bouzouki & voc)

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